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Why do we need an integrated public transportation system?

The key to unlocking the full potential of a highly resourceful society is a strong integrated public transportation system. A reliable and efficient public transportation system will result in a lesser number of private vehicles on the streets. This making our cities greener.

Our human race has to learn a lot from the pandemic that shook the globe. It has boosted the adoption of cashless payments by commuters. Thus leaving us with a great opportunity to revamp, leverage and transform the system.

The Indian public transportation sector has been slow in adapting to technology mainly because of the high initial capital and simply a lack of insight about the benefits, it could bring to the fleet owners. An integrated system would help tourists visit different beautiful places in the country and would result in a boom in the industry. States like Kerala has huge potential in terms of travel and tourism. The flora and fauna of the state are unique to its topography.

Such states must restart their travel and tourism economy by making their services easily accessible to the public.

Are we ready? Only time will tell.

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