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Xplor is the beginning of a long-awaited transformation of our country's public transportation system. Use the Xplor app to track and book buses and other modes of public transport. A strong integrated public transportation system is vital for the economy's progress, leading to lower overall greenhouse emissions. 


Redefining the Way 
We Move

Without a doubt there are tremendous

opportunities in the ways we commute every day. We are in an era that is riding on technology. A sustainable public transportation system is key for the growth of any society. The most important goal of Xplor is to digitize and bring predictability for our users.


- Nived Priyadarsan

  Founder and CEO  


Our Journey So Far


VC GLOBAL was founded

A group of young aspiring engineers came together to identify and solve problems to improve the public transportation system.


Launch of XPLOR Prototype

Here we are, amidst a global pandemic where the entire world was disrupted like never before. And here we are helping to restart the sector again. 


Xplor In The Press

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