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'She Lodge’ offers safe, affordable lodging in Kochi for travelling women


In a progressive move to ensure the safety and comfort of women travelers, the Kochi Corporation has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative – "She Lodge." This transformative facility, situated in the heart of Kerala's vibrant city, Kochi, offers a haven for women seeking secure and affordable accommodation during their journeys.

A Safe Haven for Women

"She Lodge" provides a diverse range of options, including dormitories and individual rooms, meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of women travelers. With a vision to prioritize safety without compromising affordability, this initiative is redefining the travel experience for thousands.

The Genesis of She Lodge

Initiated by the Kochi Corporation as part of its commitment to the welfare of the community, "She Lodge" follows in the footsteps of the successful Sammridhi program, which brought affordable meals at Rs 10 to the masses. The transformation of the Paramara Lodge into "She Lodge" required an investment of Rs 4.8 crore, a testament to the city's dedication to women's safety.

Success in Numbers

Within the first six months of its launch, She Lodge has witnessed extraordinary success, hosting over 2,500 women travelers. Boasting 96 well-equipped rooms, two dormitories, and a range of amenities, the facility has become a preferred choice for women visiting Kochi for various purposes.

Affordability Meets Accessibility

Designed to cater to students, working women, and solo or group travelers, She Lodge offers affordable accommodation options. Conveniently located near the Samriddhi Hotel on Paramana Road, the lodge is easily accessible from key transport hubs such as Ernakulam Town railway station, Townhall metro station, and North bus stop.

Utilization and Demand

Sheeba Lal, chairperson of the Welfare Committee at the corporation, expressed satisfaction with the lodge's utilization, noting a consistent occupancy of rooms and dormitories. Particularly on weekends, the demand for the facility skyrockets, reflecting its vital role in meeting the accommodation needs of women travelers.

Operational Details

Commencing operations on Women's Day, March 8, She Lodge offers a straightforward booking process, both online and offline. While the facility doesn't provide meals, guests can easily source them from nearby establishments. Operating hours are from 6 am to 9 pm, ensuring a secure environment during daylight hours.

Affordable Rates for Every Journey

- Dormitory: Rs 100 per day

- Single Room: Rs 200 per day

- Double Room: Rs 350 per day for two persons


"She Lodge" stands as a beacon of progress, symbolizing the commitment of the Kochi Corporation to the safety and empowerment of women. As it continues to redefine the landscape of women-friendly travel accommodations, this innovative initiative is undoubtedly a model for other cities to follow. Whether you're a student, a working professional, or a solo explorer, She Lodge welcomes women from all walks of life to experience Kochi with comfort, affordability, and, above all, safety.

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