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New Vande Bharat Trains Force Airlines to Reduce Fares in Selected Routes: Indian Railway.


In a fascinating turn of events, the introduction of Vande Bharat trains in India has not only revolutionized rail travel but also significantly influenced the dynamics of airfare on select routes. According to data studies conducted by the Indian Railways, these sleek and modern trains are rapidly gaining popularity, especially among the younger generation and the working class.

Youth on Board

One of the most noteworthy findings is that Vande Bharat trains have become the top choice for a significant portion of India's youth. Approximately 56% of passengers on these trains are youngsters and members of the working class. This preference for Vande Bharat among the youth has surpassed all other age groups, marking a shift in travel choices.

Age Matters

Delving deeper into the demographics, it's revealed that on average, 27.5% of passengers in Vande Bharat trains belong to the 25-34 age group, while those between 35-49 years old make up 28.6% of the passengers. This data emphasizes the appeal of these modern trains to a wide range of passengers, making them the preferred mode of transport for many.

Changing the Airfare Game

One of the most significant impacts of Vande Bharat trains has been on the air travel sector. Airfares on several routes have seen a considerable drop of 20-30% since April 2023. Key routes affected by this change include Chennai-Bengaluru, Thiruvananathapuram-Kasargod, Mumbai-Pune, Jamnagar-Ahmedabad, and Delhi-Jaipur. This significant drop in airfares can be attributed to the growing popularity of Vande Bharat trains on these routes.

Shift in Passenger Base

A senior Railway Ministry official highlighted that approximately 10-20% of the customer base of airlines has shifted to Vande Bharat trains. This shift has played a pivotal role in driving down airfares on routes where Vande Bharat trains have been introduced. Passengers now have more options, and airlines are responding by making air travel more accessible.


Vande Bharat trains have not only brought a fresh and innovative approach to rail travel but have also made a substantial impact on the aviation sector. With their modern amenities and efficient services, these trains have become the top choice for a growing number of passengers, especially the youth. As a result, airfares on select routes have become more competitive, ultimately benefiting the travelers of India. The Vande Bharat revolution is in full swing, and it's changing the way Indians explore their country.

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