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KSRTC revamp: In a first, Kerala govt appoints KAS officers in a public sector organisation


As the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) undergoes a significant revamp, the state government has taken a groundbreaking step by appointing Kerala Administrative Service (KAS) officers to lead the transformation. This move marks the first time KAS officers have been assigned roles within a public sector organization, signaling a new era for the state's public transportation system.

The Revamp Plan

The restructuring plan involves dividing KSRTC into four independent zones, each led by a KAS officer functioning as a general manager. This strategic decision aims to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and bring a fresh perspective to the challenges faced by the public transport sector. The appointments come in the wake of recommendations outlined in Prof Sushil Khanna's report, emphasizing the need for qualified leadership to drive positive change.

Meet the Pioneering KAS Officers

1. SS Sarin (Malappuram Dy Collector, Disaster Management):

An engineering graduate with a background in electronics and communications, SS Sarin brings a wealth of administrative experience to his new role. Having served as the Deputy Collector for Disaster Management in Malappuram, Sarin's expertise in crisis response and management is expected to contribute significantly to KSRTC's transformation.

2. Joshua Bennett John (Dy Director, Kozhikode Audit Office):

Hailing from Perinad and the son of former KSRTC North Zonal ATO CA Johny, Joshua Bennett John's appointment as a general manager reflects a familial connection to the public transport sector. With a background in auditing, his role is crucial in ensuring financial accountability and transparency within KSRTC.

3. R Rararaj (Dy Commissioner (intel), Department of Goods and Services Tax):

A native of Varkala and an electronic and communications engineer, R Rararaj brings a unique skill set to the table. With experience as Deputy Commissioner (intel) in the Department of Goods and Services Tax, his analytical and intelligence background is poised to contribute to the strategic decision-making process at KSRTC.

4. Roshna Alikunju (Financial Assistant at Kannur Irrigation Project):

Hailing from Panmana, Roshna Alikunju's financial acumen, honed through her role as a Financial Assistant at the Kannur Irrigation Project, makes her a valuable addition to the leadership team. Her insights into financial management are expected to play a pivotal role in KSRTC's fiscal sustainability.

A Landmark Decision

The appointment of these four KAS officers with engineering backgrounds signifies a departure from traditional leadership structures within public sector organizations. As the officers undergo specialized training, they are poised to assume their roles as Zonal heads, steering KSRTC toward a future marked by innovation, efficiency, and public satisfaction.


Kerala's decision to infuse fresh leadership into the KSRTC through the appointment of KAS officers showcases a commitment to modernize and elevate public transportation services. As these officers take charge, the state anticipates a revitalized and more responsive KSRTC, better equipped to meet the evolving needs of its citizens. The success of this initiative could set a precedent for similar reforms in other public sector entities, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

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