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KSRTC back to Khaki uniforms after eight years


In a surprising turn of events, the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has decided to revive its old khaki uniform after an eight-year hiatus. The decision comes amidst a financial crisis faced by the corporation, adding an interesting twist to the story. This blog post will explore the details of the uniform change, its implications, and the nostalgic sentiments surrounding the return to khaki.

The Return to Khaki

After bidding farewell to their decades-old khaki uniforms in 2015, KSRTC employees are set to embrace the familiar attire once again. Conductors and drivers will soon be seen in khaki trousers and half-sleeve shirts adorned with the distinctive KSRTC emblem on the pocket. Female employees in this category will sport khaki churidars paired with sleeveless overcoats. The change is not limited to frontline staff; station masters, vehicle supervisors, and chargemen will also adopt khaki trousers and half-sleeve shirts, with their respective categories imprinted on the shoulder flap.

Uniforms Across Categories

The uniform transition doesn't stop there. Inspectors are recommended to wear khaki safari suits with a designated insignia, while the mechanic section staff will don navy blue trousers and half-sleeve shirts. The store department's male employees will be clad in navy blue trousers and half-sleeve shirts, while their female counterparts will have the option of a navy blue saree with a blouse or churidar. Notably, the last-grade employees are exempt from the uniform requirement.

Financial Strain and Nostalgia

The decision to revert to the old khaki uniform is not without its challenges. The move is estimated to cost the financially strained corporation a significant sum of ₹2.15 crore. This expenditure adds to the existing burden of meeting employee salary bills. The change in uniform is attributed to a plea from various quarters, emphasizing the need to modernize the dress code to align with contemporary times.


As KSRTC gears up for this uniform transition, it marks a unique chapter in the corporation's history. The return to khaki evokes a sense of nostalgia among employees and commuters alike. While the financial implications are acknowledged, the move also underscores the importance of tradition and identity in the face of change. Only time will tell if this shift in attire brings about a positive change for the crisis-ridden corporation.

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