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Cool Commutes: Bengaluru's New Vajra Buses Unveiled on Route 328H!


In a groundbreaking move, the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has rolled out a fleet of ten air-conditioned Volvo buses, aptly named Vajra, along the bustling route 328H. This strategic initiative brings a breath of fresh air, quite literally, to daily commuters shuttling between Attibele in the south and Hoskote in the east.

Techie Delight: Connecting the IT Hubs

Tech professionals working along the Outer Ring Road and adjacent areas can now rejoice as the Vajra buses promise to enhance their daily commute experience. This move is a significant stride towards meeting the rising demand for comfortable and efficient public transportation for the city's burgeoning tech workforce.

From Attibele to Hoskote: A Seamless Journey

The air-conditioned Vajra buses will traverse a carefully planned route, ensuring connectivity to key locations. The journey will take commuters through Indlabele, Bidaraguppe, Medahalli, Billapura, Sarjapur, and more, finally culminating at Hoskote High School. The frequency of the service during peak hours is set at 10-25 minutes, promising a timely and hassle-free experience.

Affordable Luxury: Rs 60 End-to-End Fare

Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy inaugurated the service, marking a historic moment for public transportation in Bengaluru. The end-to-end fare for this air-conditioned comfort is a pocket-friendly Rs 60, which includes Rs 5 towards toll charges. This affordability factor aims to encourage more commuters to choose this upgraded service over personal vehicles, contributing to the city's efforts to reduce traffic congestion and emissions.

The Route Unveiled: A Glimpse into Connectivity

The carefully crafted route of these Vajra buses touches upon vital points such as Dommasandra, Heggondahalli, Gunjur, Whitefield Post Office, Kadugodi, and many more. With 57 trips scheduled daily, ranging from 6 am to 9.20 pm, commuters now have a reliable and consistent transportation option.

Farewell to Ordinary: Elevating the Commuting Experience

Before this introduction, the route witnessed the operation of ordinary (Bengaluru Sarige) buses, totaling 37 non-air-conditioned vehicles making 300 trips daily. The addition of Vajra buses signifies a departure from the ordinary, offering commuters a more comfortable and climate-controlled ride.


With the launch of Vajra buses on route 328H, BMTC has taken a monumental step in transforming Bengaluru's public transportation landscape. The fusion of convenience, affordability, and environmental consciousness promises a cool and enjoyable commute for thousands of passengers daily. As these air-conditioned chariots hit the streets, the city's pulse quickens with excitement, heralding a new era in urban transit.

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