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"Luxury on Rails: A Sneak Peek into the Swanky Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains"


Embarking on a new era of rail travel, the Indian Railways is set to revolutionize the passenger experience with the introduction of sleeper coaches in the prestigious Vande Bharat trains. This development comes as a response to the growing demand for more comfortable long-distance journeys, especially to major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai. Let's take a closer look at what makes these sleeper trains the epitome of luxury and convenience.

Unveiling the Sleeper Coaches

Passengers can bid farewell to the days of uncomfortable chairs as the Vande Bharat sleeper coaches are set to redefine train travel. These coaches, designed to meet the standards of European trains, promise a level of comfort and sophistication beyond the ordinary. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw shared the concept design on the X platform, giving the public a glimpse of the future of Indian rail travel.

International Standards and Modern Amenities

In a bid to enhance the passenger experience, the sleeper coaches will feature a fully air-conditioned environment. With a configuration of one AC 1, four Second AC, and 11 Third AC coaches, the trains will accommodate up to 832 passengers. The exterior boasts an aerodynamic design, while the interiors will showcase modern amenities such as automatic doors, a modular pantry, and even hot water supply in the washrooms of AC 1 coaches.

Accessibility and Passenger Comfort

Recognizing the diverse needs of travelers, the Vande Bharat sleeper trains will offer special berths and washrooms for physically disabled passengers. The inclusion of a public announcement system, noise insulation, and an expansive luggage room brings the standards of these trains in line with those of airlines.

Innovative Design and Material

Designers are leaving no stone unturned to make the Vande Bharat sleeper trains superior to existing ones. The use of lightweight and rust-proof GFRP panels (glass fiber-reinforced polymer) in the interiors is a testament to this commitment. This innovative material, well-known in the boat-building industry for its corrosion-resistant properties, ensures a durable and aesthetically pleasing interior.

BEML-ICF Collaboration

The prototype of the Vande Bharat sleeper coach is expected to be revealed by April 2024, marking a significant step towards the realization of this ambitious project. Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) has secured a contract worth Rs 675 crore to build the first 10 sets of trains in collaboration with the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai. The chairman and managing director of BEML, Santhanu Roy, assures passengers that these trains are designed to maintain the highest safety standards.


As the Indian Railways gears up to introduce sleeper coaches in the Vande Bharat trains, passengers can look forward to a new era of luxurious and comfortable travel. With international standards, modern amenities, and a commitment to passenger accessibility, these swanky trains are poised to redefine the railway travel experience in India. All aboard for a journey where comfort meets innovation!

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